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Gundam Factory

last update: August 12, 2021
The Gundam Factory Yokohama is a theme park that houses the only life-sized Gundam robot in the world that is truly able to move. It officially opened on December 19, 2020, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first TV series of the first Gundam series, with the involvement in the project of the creator Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Hours and fees

Where to buy tickets

Tickets can be purchased both directly on site and on the internet via the official website.

All the details about the Gundam Factory Yokohama

The Gundam Factory is divided into two distinct areas, respectively called Gundam Lab and Gundam Dock. The Gundam Lab is a complex that houses an exhibition hall, the official shop, a cafe and a conference room. In front of the Gundam Lab is the Gundam Dock, that is the hangar where the giant Gundam robot is anchored, the main attraction of the park, which comes to life approximately every hour and begins to move performing an exciting show.
gundam factory yokohama entrance the entrance to the Gundam Factory Yokohama

Gundam shows

During the day, several shows are conducted with a cadence of about one every hour or sometimes after an hour and a half. The first show usually starts at 10:30, the last at 20:30. The shows are not all the same, but at different times the Gundam will perform different movements. It is recommended to see a show at dusk, when the play of light is added to the show.
gundam full scale robot yokohama
gundam full scale robot yokohama Yokohama's famous life-size Gundam

Gundam Lab

The Gundam Lab is the area where you can access with the standard ticket, which includes a two-story building and the large square in front of the giant Gundam for photos and to enjoy the show of the moving robot. On the first floor of the building you will find the Gundam Academy, an area that provides visitors with information on the design and mechanism of the giant Gundam. Next to the Academy is the Gundam Base, the park shop where you can also buy some exclusive model kits that you won't find anywhere else. On the second floor there is a conference room that often hosts themed events, and the Gundam Cafè, where you can have a drink or even eat something.
gundam academy pilt view 5g experience
Gundam Pilot View SoftBank 5G Experience
This is one of the most unique attractions within the Gundam Academy. Using 5G technology, you will be able to observe the real-time view from the cockpit of the giant Gundam, simulating the experience of piloting the Gundam.
gundam academy yokohama inside the Gundam Academy (credits)
gundam base yokohama the Gundam Base Yokohama Satellite store (credits)
gundam factory yokohama restrooms gundam factory yokohama vending machines everything inside the Gundam Factary is themed: even the bathrooms and vending machines!

Gundam Dock

The Gundam Dock is none other than the hangar that houses the giant Gundam. With its 18 meters high and a weight of 25 tons, the robot is a 1:1 scale replica of the Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2 model, the unit that appeared in the anime from 1979. You will be able to observe the Gundam from a few meters away in the open space in front, but if you want to go up to the hangar for a very close view, you need to buy the 3300¥ ticket, with which you can access two different floors located respectively at 15 and 18 meters high.
gundam dock yokohama close-up view from the top floor of the Gundam Dock
gundam factory yokohama at night the giant Gundam during a night show (credits)

Eating at the Gundam Factory

As already mentioned, on the second floor of the Gundam Lab there is also a Gundam Cafè. However, this is not the only cafe of its kind in Japan. You can find other Gundam Cafes at Akihabara and at Odaiba, although the menus are different.
gundam cafe yokohama inside the Gundam Cafe in Yokohama
The cafe menu offers cups of cappuccino decorated with the latte art technique and some non-alcoholic drinks. As for food, you can find popcorn, burgers with fries, curry rice, steamed buns in the shape of Haro, and a few other snacks. Prices are pretty high.
gundam cafe yokohama latte art gundam cafe yokohama food

How to get to the Gundam Factory

The Gundam Factory is located on a pier located in front of the Yamashita Park, approximately 300 meters away.

Map of the Gundam Factory, Yokohama

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