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Yokohama (横浜) is a vibrant city located in the Kanagawa Prefecture, just 30 km south of Tokyo. With about 3.7 million inhabitants, it is Japan's second largest city and an important commercial and industrial center. Like Kobe, it is a large port city incorporated into the metropolitan area of a larger city (Tokyo and Yokohama, Osaka and Kobe) and was one of the five cities designated in 1858 to open up to foreign trade while the rest of the country remained isolated. Today, Yokohama is a city of contrasts, where the evidence of its past as the country's gateway to the world blends with its modern and futuristic neighborhoods, reflecting a strong projection towards the future. The city is particularly known for its picturesque Chinatown, the largest Chinese neighborhood in all of Japan, and for the futuristic area of Minato Mirai, which hosts an endless number of attractions and entertainment and where the evening lights of the imposing skyscrapers are reflected in the sea of the bay. But that's not all, for the more curious there are many other unique places and hidden gems that this city offers its visitors. Many tourists who visit Tokyo often snub Yokohama, although it is very close, and in our opinion they are wrong.
yokohama view from above

Plan your trip to Yokohama

Where to stay the best areas and advice on hotels, hostels, capsule hotels, hotels with panoramic views and other original ideas on where to stay in Yokohama
How to get to Yokohama how to reach Yokohama from Tokyo and the rest of Japan

Yokohama travel guide area by area

Chinatown the Chinese district, famous for its restaurants
Gundam Factory a unique place that houses a huge Gundam statue that can really move and other attractions related to the famous Japanese robot
Minato Mirai 21 the most famous area of Yokohama
Molo Ōsanbashi a pier that extends 400 meters out to sea, between Yamashita Park and Minato Mirai
Shin Yokohama an area north of the city where the Ramen Museum is located
Yamashita a charming park by the sea very popular with couples
Yamate, Motomachi the neighborhood where foreigners from the West once lived
Yokohama Bay Bridge the most famous bridge in the city, part of its skyline, it is also possible to go up to a panoramic observatory located under the bridge
Yokohama station the area around the main station of the city, full of shops and restaurants

Quick answers about Yokohama

Is it worth visiting Yokohama?

It is absolutely worth visiting Yokohama. The two most famous areas, the futuristic waterfront that extends from the Minato Mirai area to Yamashita Park, and the city's Chinatown, are two unique features that you will not find anywhere else in Japan except for Kobe (but much smaller). In Tokyo, there is no Chinese district and no seafront so extensive and full of attractions. In addition, given the extreme proximity to Tokyo, it is a shame to leave the Japanese capital without having spent at least one evening in Yokohama. The two cities are excellently connected and you can almost consider Yokohama as if it were a neighborhood of Tokyo.

How many days to stay in Yokohama?

The number of days to spend in Yokohama depends on personal preferences and the time available. Keep in mind that Yokohama is a very large city and offers many tourist attractions. Here are some tips:

What to eat in Yokohama?

Yokohama does not have particular dishes that are native to the city that are worth trying here more than elsewhere. However, there are several interesting culinary experiences, not related to individual dishes but to the experience as a whole:

Guided tours, activities and other things to do

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How to use Rakuten Travel Experiences

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Some examples

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