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Ninja Restaurant Akasaka, Tokyo

The Ninja Restaurant Akasaka is one of the most famous and most particular theme restaurants in Japan, and one of the most curious culinary experiences you can make during a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Everything inside this restaurant is, as you can easily guess, related to the world of ninjas, the waiters' costumes, furniture, lighting, dishes and entertainment during meals.

You will be greeted by a ninja-waiter that, after a a funny introduction, he will escort you to your seat, then he will show you the menu, and then he will come to serve you the various dishes, all with very particular shapes and decorations, explaining each time what is served and how to eat it. Depending on what you order, one or more dishes could be prepared directly at your table.
During dinner you will also be interrupted a few times by some staff characters (for example, it could be the "Ninja Master"), who will come to your table to show you little tricks or other ninja-themed things.
At the end of the dinner you will be escorted again to the exit by a ninja-waiter, with a special final greeting that I prefer not to reveal here.

The restaurant is super popular among tourists, so it's not a problem at all if you do not speak Japanese, this place is well organized to have foreign customers. The waiters speak a good English, and if you are foreigners all the "show" will be performed in English, obviously the menus will be in English too.
It is a very special experience, in which you will be surrounded by a lot of fiction. Take the thing for what it is, relax and enjoy dinner and the "show". If on some situation you don't understand how to behave, just smile and nod.

What to eat at the Ninja Restaurant Akasaka? Menu and prices

It is important to be aware that what you pay for in this restaurant isn't just food, but the dining experience as a whole.
The prices are therefore very expensive, and you can choose between an à la carte menu or several set menus, ranging from a minimum of about 5,000 yen to a maximum of 20,000 yen.
You can read the a la carte menu here (japanese only), the set menus here (also in English). Vegetarian menus are also available.
The type of food is quite international, a fusion cuisine, a mix mostly between Japanese and European/French cuisine. You could find a menu including sushi and foie gras, shabu shabu and bagna cauda.
The portions are quite small, so if you want a satisfying dinner I I strongly recommend not to be stingy, and to order a set menu costing at least 7000-8000 yen. Given the perhaps unique experience in your life, this is not the best time to save money. If you decide to go, be ready to spend a lot.
ninja restaurant akasaka menu the à la carte menu in English

Where to find the Ninja Restaurant Akasaka and practical information

Opening time: 17:00-25:00 (ultimo ingresso 22:30) mon-sat, 17:00-23:00 (last entry 21:45) sun and holidays
Closing day: None
Seats: 143
Address: 東京都千代田区永田町 2-14-3 赤坂東急プラザ1F [Chiyoda-ku, Nagatacho 2-14-3, Akasaka Tokyu Plaza 1F]
Telephone number: 03-5157-3936

The Ninja Restaurant Akasaka is located in the district of Akasaka in Tokyo, and in particular on the ground floor of a building that houses many restaurants inside, called Tokyu Plaza Akasaka.
Finding this restaurant could be a bit complicated if you don't look for some information in advance (but if you are reading this page, don't worry). Not because the exact location it's difficult to reach, but because there is no outside sign prominently displayed. The building is "hidden" in the surrounding environment as if it were a real secret ninja den.
The nearest station, just 100 meters away, is Akasaka-mitsuke station (Tokyo Metro Ginza line and Marunouchi line), once you get there the most convenient exit to reach the restaurant is the Exit n.10.
A last useful indication to find the restaurant is the fact that it is on the ground floor of a large building housing the Akasaka Excel Tokyu Hotel.
Check the map.

How to reserve a table

It is a good idea to reserve a table to avoid getting there and finding out it is full reserved.
To book just call their phone number (03-5157-3936), as soon as they understand that you are not Japanese, they will direct your call to someone who speaks English.
Alternatively, you can also reserve through their website, but you can't reserve a table for the same day of the online booking.
ninja restaurant akasaka entrance Shot taken from google maps: this dark building under the glazed walkway is the Ninja Restaurant Akasaka

Pictures of the Ninja Restaurant Akasaka

Almost all the photos listed below are taken from this website.
ninja restaurant akasaka particular of the exit door of the restaurant
ninja restaurant akasaka ninja restaurant akasaka ninja restaurant akasaka ninja restaurant akasaka black shuriken-shaped crackers, sushi served on a tree trunk and other wonderful dishes served at Ninja Restaurant Akasaka
ninja restaurant akasaka ninja restaurant akasaka ninja restaurant akasaka ninja-waiters
ninja restaurant akasaka
ninja restaurant akasaka

Ninja Restaurant Akasaka map

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