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Capsule Hotel

What are capsule hotels?

Recommended capsule hotels

In Tokyo

Kuyakushomae capsule hotel (Shinjuku)
This capsule hotel is located in one of the main streets of Kabuki-cho, the nightlife area of Shinjuku, a few minutes on foot from Shinjuku station. It is very difficult to find a position where to stay better than this one, a normal hotel in that area costs at least three times this capsule hotel, the only cheaper option are internet cafes.
¥ 2500 per night. Book now

Green Plaza capsule hotel (Shinjuku)
This capsule hotel is also located in Kabuki-cho, a few minutes on foot from Shinjuku station. It is the first capsule hotel ever opened in Tokyo, inside it has a very beautiful public baths with jacuzzi and sauna. If you stay more than one day, they keep your bags during the day for free. Only for male guests.
¥ 3500 per night. Book now

Ikebukuro Plaza capsule hotel (Ikebukuro)
This capsule hotel is located a few minutes on foot west of Ikebukuro station, a very lively area. It offers many services like an inner restaurant, massage service, sauna.
¥ 3000 per night. Book now

In Osaka

Asahi Plaza capsule hotel (Shinsaibashi)
This capsule hotel has quite cheap rates, it is located in a great position in Shinsaibashi area, just a short walk from Amerikamura and Namba, the most popular areas of Osaka. Moreover, it is very "gaijin friendly", they're accustomed to have foreign guests.
¥ 2800 per night. Book now

New Capsule Hotel Aldebaran (Shinsaibashi)
This capsule hotel is located in Shinsaibashi too, in a very convenient position, and costs even less than the Asahi Plaza.
¥ 2300 per night. Book now

Capsule Inn (Umeda)
The best capsule hotel in Umeda area, a few minutes on foot from Umeda station and 1 km far from Osaka station, it is also one of the cheapest.
¥ 2300 per night. Book now

What are capsule hotels

Capsule hotels are a typical kind of hotel that can be found only in Japanese cities, the first hotel of this kind opened in Osaka in 1979 and since then they have spread to major cities in Japan, even if something similar opened in China and Korea too in recent years.

The "rooms" that these hotels offer are such as coffins (sorry if this seems macabre, but they make me feel this bad impression), no more than 2 feet long where you lie down to sleep. Photos definitely make a better idea of what capsule hotels are.
The interior of these "capsules" of all capsule hotels is generally equipped with television/radio, alarm clock, often heating/air conditioning.
What differentiates one capsule hotel from another are the external services they offer. In alla capsule hotels you can find lockers where to drop your bags, bathrooms, showers, vending machines.
Some better ones offer many other services as pajamas, wireless, internet terminals, saunas, shared japanese style bathroom (ofuro), massages, washing machines, possibility to order food.

This type of hotel is used mainly by the same users of internet cafes, namely the famous salarymen coming out too late from work and missing the last train back home, who instead of spending a fortune on taxis, they stop to sleep outside and come back the next day to work (or home at the weekend).
Also for this reason most capsule hotels offer facilities such as printers, fax, or other more unusual ones like vending machines of socks and ties.

Generally, capsule hotels are for men only, unless the capsule hotel has floors for women only too, so check this point if you are a woman. Capsule hotels with floors for women were once almost nonexistent, but in recent times are spreading.
Reservations are not necessary, they usually always have free rooms.

I recommend this option to: all those who travel alone, don't have a high budget, and want to get as much contact as possible with the Japanese urban society.

I don't recommend this option to: if you aren't traveling alone, the economic aspect often becomes irrelevant (except for some particularly cheap capsule hotels), in fact each one of you should pay a single capsule, but maybe you could find a double room in a small hotel for the same total price. If you are two or more is even more uncomfortable, there is no reason to choose this accommodation, unless you want to go there on purpose to do this "experience".

Guided tours, activities and other things to do

If you are planning a trip to Japan and you want to do something more than just visiting famous places and monuments, we suggest you to use Govoyagin.

How to use Govoyagin

Govoyagin is a very useful website to enrich your travel experience, especially if you are going solo or it's your first time in Japan.
Because of the language barrier (and more), in Japan it is very difficult to interact with the locals and to get off the tourist track.
Thanks to Govoyagin you can find a lot of interesting and sometimes unique guided tours and activities all over Japan (and not only in Japan), that you would otherwise never be able to enjoy.
But there's more: on Govoyagin you can also buy tickets for several famous attractions, events, transportation and other useful services for tourists. Last but not least, you can reserve a table in hundreds of restaurants.

Some examples

Take a look at Govoyagin

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