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last update: January 12, 2015
Roppongi, a neighborhood located in Minato special ward, is one of the most famous for nightlife in Tokyo, and particularly popular among foreigners.

The neighborhood

Excluding Roppongi Hills (see below) there isn't much to see around Roppongi.
Roppongi is a neighborhood full of places of all types: clubs, pubs, night clubs, etc.
The neighborhood wakes up in the late evening and never sleeps, every day of the week, at least until 5 in the morning (when the subway reopens). The area is popular among foreigners of all nationalities and Japanese people who are looking for meeting foreigners.
If you want to pick up a Japanese girl in "western style" (dancing, offering a drink, etc), Roppongi should be the right place, but I want to underline the word should because it also should be the right place to be fooled (see "safety in Roppongi" below).
One of the two Hard rock cafes in Tokyo is located in Roppongi, for people collecting the t-shirts I've marked it on the map at the bottom of the page.

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills is an impressive building complex opened in 2003.
The initial idea was to create a unique place where to focus your home, work, entertainment and shopping to give more time to those who live there, who knows if this really happened.
The landmark of Roppongi Hills is the Mori Tower, a 53-floors skyscraper full of offices.
A big shopping center is located in the first six floors of the skyscraper, with about 200 shops and eateries.
On top of the building you can find the Mori Museum, which hosts various exhibitions, and the City View an observation deck to the the wonderful panorama of the city from above. On the roof there is also the Sky Deck, an outdoor observation deck 200 meters high, it almost unique in Tokyo.
At the base of the modern buildings of Roppongi Hills you can find the Mori garden, a green oasis in Japanese style.
Last but not least, next to the Mori Tower you can visit the headquarters of TV Asahi.

Tokyo Midtown

This place is very close to Roppongi Hills, and it's something similar.
It is a big complex that includes residential, shopping and entertainment areas. The main building, which is also the second tallest skyscraper in Tokyo, is the Midtown Tower. It houses the headquarters of some multinational companies, suchas Yahoo or Fujifilm, A "Fujifilm showroom" can be found within Tokyo Midtown.

Safety in Roppongi

Roppongi, along with Kabuki-cho, is considered as the most dangerous district of Tokyo.
Don't be worried, however, because standards in Japan are a little different from the rest of the world. In Roppongi you can safely walk at any time of day or night with confidence, the main risks are the cloning of your credit card or other scams, for example inside nightclubs, where women could pretend to be interested in you and then steal your wallet.
Many people (especially dark-skinned people) will try to invite you to their nightclubs ensuring women and sex, and then make you pay very high bills, do not be fooled.
Despite that it is a very "motley" neighborhood, and this aspect also has its own charm. Furthermore, the dangers I've just explained are not so common, the majority of people goes there simply looking for "entertainment" for the evening and maybe for someone for the night.

Eating in Roppongi

Near Roppongi there is one of the best restaurants of sushi and sashimi ofall Tokyo: Fukuzushi (
I recommend going there for lunch when prices are relatively "low" (at least 3000 yen), in the evening you need twice as much money.
Within Roppongi Hills (fifth floor) there is the restaurant Kushinobo, a very good restaurant for Kushikatsu.

Sleeping in Roppongi

In Roppongi there isn't any budget accommodation, but just mid-range international hotel chains such as the Ibis or the Villa Fontaine, or luxury hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton and the Grand Hyatt.

Pratical guide, how to get to Roppongi

Roppongi station is served by Tokyo Metro Hibiya line (without changes from Ueno) and by Toei Oedo line (without changes from Shinjuku) Another station of the subway in the area is Roppongi-Itchome station, served by the Namboku line.

Map of Roppongi, Tokyo

View Roppongi in a larger map

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Author: Davide Lee