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Japan Rail Pass

It is a special railway pass only for foreing tourists, sold by JR (Japan Railways), that must necessarily be purchased outside Japan, and allows unlimited travel at no additional cost for a specified period of time.

Where to buy the Japan Rail Pass

You can find authorized agencies selling the Japan Rail Pass almost in every country in the world.
Click here to check the full list.

How to activate and use your Japan Rail Pass

Once you have purchased your Japan Rail Pass, then you'll have to pick it up and activate it in Japan (you decide when to activate it), and from that moment it will be valid for 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on which one you have bought. You can get it in one of the offices of this list.
From that moment onwards, you can ride JR urban lines (such as the Yamanote line in Tokyo or the Osaka Loop line), or more generally all that trains without reserved seats, simply showing your Japan Rail Pass.
If you are planning to take a train where seat reservation is needed, before riding the train you have to go to any ticket office and get your free train ticket.

Prices of the Japan Rail Pass

Prices of the Japan Rail Pass are fixed in japanese yen, therefore its real price is strongly related to the current exchange rate of your currency at the time you are buying it.

Here Below are the official prices in yen, valid from April 1 2014.

The "Green car" is the first class.
"Child" are children aged 6 to 11 years, children under 6 can get a free pass.

Validity of the Japan Rail Pass

Since it is a pass issued by JR, it can be used all and only for JR railway lines, so it cannot be used for railways of other companies. as well as for JR trains, it can be used also for the boat to the island of Miyajima (Hiroshima), and some bus lines too. You can find the complete list at this link of the official website.

The only JR trains where you can not use the Japan Rail Pass are two particular shinkansen, the Nozomi and Mizuho. Except for these two, you can ride every other shinkansen or normal JR train.

Pros and cons of the Japan Rail Pass

It is worth to buy a Japan Rail Pass only if you're planning a tour of Japan.
In some cases it could be a limit, for example if you have bought the 7-days pass, then, when you activate it you are forced to travel as much as possible within 7 days because then it will be expired.
If you want to stay a few more days in a place that you particularly liked or that you couldn't visit well insted?

In addition, it doesn't cover all transport expenses, you will surely need to spend other money for transportation during your travel.
For example, let's suppose you have in mind to do the canonical tour Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Tokyo, of course you will activate your pass on the day of departure to Osaka/Kyoto, so for the first days in Tokyo you must pay all the trains (the train from the airport to the city, any metro ticket, any trains for trips outside Tokyo).

If you buy the 14 or 21 days pass you may solve all this problems, but I want to bring to your attention that these pass cost almost like a discounted airline round ticket from Europe to Japan.
However, if you haven't any specific budget limit for your trip, the Japan Rail Pass is definitely a very good alternative to tour the country, and it is a must if you want to tour Japan by train, since train tickets purchased individually on the spot are incredibly expensive.

The inexpensive alternative to tour Japan is travelling by bus (particularly by night buses), Anyway you cannot take into consideration this option if for example you are traveling with children or you are that kind of people who always needs a real bed to fall asleep.

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Author: Davide Lee