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How to get to Yokohama

How to get to Yokohama from Tokyo

Yokohama is fully part of Tokyo metropolitan area, the rail services to reach it are many and with frequencies of a metro, therefore you can consider the trip from Tokyo to Yokohama just the same of a journey to a neighborhood of the city.

The cheapest and easiest alternative

The cheapest line is the Toyoko Line of Tokyu private company, that you can take from Shibuya station and it costs 260 yen to Yokohama station.
I also wrote the word "easiest" because it is the only line from Tokyo that stops also in other stations in Yokohama after Yokohama station (however the price rises from 260 yen to 440 yen): Minatomirai, Bashamichi and Nihondori station (located in the popular areas of Minato Mirai and Yamashita) and Motomachi-Chukagai station (Chinatown area).
There are local trains making all stops and semi-express/express trains that are faster and reach Yokohama in 25 minutes.

Lines from Shinagawa, Shimbashi, Tokyo station

The JR Tokaido main line and the JR Yokosuka line, connect Yokohama station to Tokyo station (450 yen), Shimbashi station (450 yen) and Shinagawa station (280 yen).
These two lines are almost equal in the section to Yokohama, the Tokaido Main line a bit faster, from Tokyo station it takes 25 minutes to Yokohama station, while the Yokosuka line takes 25 minutes.
From Shinagawa station there is a further line of another private company, the Keikyu Main line (20 minutes to Yokohama station, 290 yen).

Lines from Ikebukuro, Shinjuku

From Ikebukuro and Shinjuku (and also from Shibuya) there is another JR line, the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line, that reaches Yokohama station in about half an hour. But it is a quite expensive line, it costs 620 yen from Ikebukuro, 540 Yen from Shinjuku, 380 yen from Shibuya.
Alternatively you can use the Yamanote line to reach Shibuya and from there take the Tokyu Toyoko line (150+260, total amount 410 yen) or reach Shinagawa and there take the Yokosuka line (190+280, total amount 470 yen).

How to get to Yokohama from other cities

The Tokaido shinkansen (from/to Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Shizuoka, etc.) stops in Yokohama, precisely at Shin-Yokohama station.
Anyway, in most cases the most convenient solution is to get to Tokyo and then move to Yokohama.
If you come from Kamakura, all lines passing from Kamakura station also pass from Yokohama station.

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